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How it works

Language immersion

Learning with a native speaker is the fastest way to get quick results. It's great practice and has lots of positive benefits.

Experienced teachers

Every teacher in our team is a certified ESL specialist with online teaching experience.

From simple to complex

We start with simple things and gradually increase the level of complexity. At the same time, we control the education process and continuously revise and improve the learning material.

Lessons from home

Parents save time and money they'd otherwise spend on travelling to offline schools and tutors. Kids study in a comfortable home environment without the worry of catching the flu 🙂.

Age-appropriate programme

The programme is created by experienced English-speaking specialists and takes account of the educational and psychological characteristics of children aged 4-12.

European standard of education

The programme is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


You will get

Convenient parent’s account

We use our website to organise classes. There is no need to install additional software or buy textbooks. And for even more convenience we have developed a mobile application for parents!

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Game Account for Kids

Specially for students we have launched a unique account. Learning English now is like playing a game! Kids choose avatars, complete home tasks, and earn certificates and stars!

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Students and teachers meet in a virtual classroom. Colorful visual materials, exciting topics, interactive exercises, drawing, songs and games - everything here works for learning and involvement.

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Progress Control

After each lesson, parents get teachers’ feedback and class videos. You are always aware of your child’s achievements. Plus Novakid professionals constantly track students’ results and adjust programme accordingly.

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Lessons with VR tours

During the lessons, children and teachers go on VR tours around the world's best museums and art galleries, visit the most famous places on the planet, and discuss what they see in English!

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lessons with certified teachers who speak English fluently.


lessons with certified teachers who are native English speakers.

lessons with certified teachers who speak English fluently.

6 months

‎33.3 ₪
per lesson
  • 3 lessons per week
  • One-time payment

12 months

‎31.6 ₪
per lesson
  • 3 lessons per week
  • One-time payment

lessons with certified teachers who are native English speakers.

6 months

‎70 ₪
per lesson
  • 3 lessons per week
  • One-time payment

12 months

‎67.8 ₪
per lesson
  • 3 lessons per week
  • One-time payment
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45-day money-back guarantee!

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  • You have one and a half months to decide!
  • Your unused lessons will be 100% refunded if your plans change

We offer up to 10% discount if 2 of your kids study with us!

This offer is valid for subscriptions with 2+ lessons a week per child.

Novakid teachers

Josse UK

Experience: 15 years

Roxanne South Africa

Experience: 10 years

Anni South Africa

Experience: 10 years

Dayna South Africa

Experience: 3 years

JP South Africa

Experience: 3 years

Joe South Africa

Experience: 10 years

Novakid teachers

  • star imageNative speakers with more than 2 years of teaching experience.
  • rocket imageTeachers attend monthly training to continue their Professional Development.
  • folder imageAll Novakid teachers are certified by TEFL, TESOL, TEYL, CELTA, DELTA or TKT
  • spyglass imagePassionate professional teachers will open the exciting world of the English language to your child.
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Questions and answers

Why should we choose Novakid?

All Novakid's teaching is in English. The children quickly get used to communicating without using their native language.

We teach in the child-friendly language of play, through comics, mini-games and virtual tours. There are no grades, grammar tables or boring exercises.

We adapt the programme to the child's level. Every few lessons, the teacher reviews their progress and either assigns an additional lesson for extra practice or moves on to the next topic.

The child receives 100% of the teacher's attention. The teacher corrects their pronunciation and explains difficult topics as many times as necessary.

You get everything in one place: the learning platform, timetable, homework and a library of useful materials. There's no need to buy textbooks or download additional programs.

What are lessons at Novakid like?

The session lasts approximately 40 minutes: 5 minutes of pre-lesson activities and revision exercises + 25 minutes of active speaking practice with the teacher + 10 minutes of follow-up learning games to reinforce the material.

Lessons use a virtual whiteboard with colourful slides, embedded videos and games. If the child has trouble understanding something, the teacher uses facial expressions and gestures to explain it. For completed tasks, the child is rewarded with stars. After the lesson, the teacher leaves feedback in the parent's account and assigns homework. Everything is made accessible and enjoyable for the child.

How should we prepare for the trial lesson?

For the lesson, you will need a desktop or laptop with a stable internet connection and somewhere quiet.

📵 IMPORTANT: We do not recommend using a smartphone, as the small screen makes it hard for the child to do the tasks set by the teacher. On the day of the lesson, log into your Parent's account 15–20 minutes before the scheduled start.

✓ Run through the audio/video test.

✓ Watch the teacher's video profile and introductory video about the upcoming lesson together with your child.

✓ Done! Get ready for 25 minutes of fun and learning with a great teacher!

What happens in the trial lesson?

The lesson begins with an introduction. During the lesson, the teacher assesses the child's knowledge without them noticing and awards stars for correct answers.

TIP: Be there for the first lesson and support your child. To sign up for a free trial lesson, submit a request and wait for a detailed email with recommendations from us. If you can't attend, cancel the lesson or reschedule it in your account. We would be grateful if you could do this at least 8 hours before the scheduled start time.

Will my child understand the teacher if the lesson is entirely in English?

Children begin to understand the teacher and repeat after them from the first lessons. Even if the child is completely new to it, the teacher knows exactly how to visually illustrate a thought or word in English. To do so, they use slides with pictures, toys, facial expressions and gestures. And to help the child memorize new words, the teacher uses the TPR (Total Physical Response) method — memorization through movement. Watch this video to see what this looks like in practice.

How does the Novakid game method help with language learning?

Especially for kids, we've created Novakid Game World, a personal area in the style of a video game, with almost everything in English. The child completes interactive tasks, watches comics and competes with other students. With the rewards they earn, they can upgrade their avatar, which really gets them engaged.

As a result, the child enjoys studying, forms a useful habit and remembers things better and faster than in school lessons.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

We have over 2,700 experienced certified teachers in our team. Each has their own unique personality and teaching style. There's an ideal teacher for everyone, even the shyest or most capricious child.

We take recruitment seriously: our teachers must have a professional certificate and at least 3 years' experience of working with children. We also pay special attention to their pronunciation to make sure their accent is not too strong. All our teachers do an internship before starting work with us, and then attend regular professional development training.

How can I track my child's progress?

In the Achievements section of your Parent's account. This contains all the topics by level. You can see which your child has finished and what they still need to do to complete the level.

In the teacher's feedback after each lesson. Here, the teacher specifies what your child has done well, and what they need to work on.

From video recordings of lessons. Watch the recordings (click 🎦 in the teacher's feedback) and compare your child's progress BEFORE and AFTER the start of lessons.

You can read the learning summary after each unit review. Follow the updates in the news feed in your account and enjoy your child's progress with us!

Do children get a certificate at end of their studies?

At the end of each completed level, the child receives a colourful certificate from Novakid. This is a good thing for them to have and the first step towards international language exams. It's also a great way to show them that they can achieve their goals — which means they can achieve anything!

How do we continue studying after the trial lesson?

Choose a convenient learning pace and book lessons. We'll support you all the way.

1.Purchase a subscription in your personal account.

2.Choose a teacher — keep the teacher from your trial lesson, or choose a new one! At Novakid, you can always find an experienced teacher for your child's level and personality.

3.Create a schedule and start looking forward to the next lessons. Meanwhile, your child can play and practise English in their account.

How do I pay for the lessons?

We offer subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months. You can pay in one go or in equal monthly instalments, by bank transfer or card.

TIP: For fast results, we recommend scheduling 2–3 lessons per week. Do this and you will see progress in just 2 months!

How do I get a discount for the courses?

You can get discounts, cashback offers, bonus lessons and more by following us on social media. Don't miss the chance to save!

We also have a referral programme. Tell your friends about us and get a bonus for every friend who signs up using your code! Use bonuses to pay for lessons or exchange them for free lessons. You can find more details of the programme in the 'Bonuses' section of your account.

More about online English lessons at Novakid


What makes English for kids at Novakid different?

How can you develop your child's language skills and get them to love learning? We know the answer! Novakid is an exciting language school for kids 4–12 with lessons in a child-friendly format. Children learn through interesting tasks and conversations with a native speaker, having fun as they gain new skills.
English with Novakid is interesting, enjoyable and highly effective. Your child will expand their vocabulary and build sentences effortlessly, acquiring new skills by interacting with an experienced teacher. Lessons are online, so you don't even have to leave the house.


What are the benefits of online English lessons?

Forget about long commutes and wasting time in traffic. All our lessons take place online, so your child can study from anywhere with internet access — even on holiday! Not only is this convenient, it also saves you money. Furthermore, the safe environment makes children feel better and boosts their confidence, making the learning even more effective.
There’s no need to download any programmes or apps. You can access the lessons directly via our website. You won’t have to buy any textbooks or other teaching aids either — everything your child needs is on the platform.


Are Novakid lessons taught by experienced teachers?

We only work with the best teachers, who have extensive experience in working with children. Thanks to this, they quickly establish a rapport with their students, making every lesson effective. Our teachers are native and near-native speakers with international qualifications and constantly improve their skills by participating in courses and workshops.
By studying online with qualified teachers from all over the world, your child can experience real-life language use. This brings rapid results in the form of improved speaking skills and greater self-confidence after just a few lessons. Casual conversations with a native speaker are the most effective way to learn English.


Are Novakid online English lessons age-appropriate?

Our programme is designed to make your child love learning. They’ll start with relatively simple lessons, and their early progress will increase their motivation. With subsequent lessons, the difficulty level gradually increases, while the material already learned is consolidated. Such a system is highly effective and requires little effort from the child.
Our curriculum also takes account of children's age-related developmental and psychological needs. It has been developed by highly experienced education experts, bearing in mind the adaptive and emotional abilities of children of all ages, so that they feel comfortable in the lessons and enjoy them. In addition, our programme accords with European teaching standards and corresponds to the individual CEFR levels for English language learning.


What is English for kids like at Novakid?

Novakid focuses on practical communication. We want to show children that learning English can be fun. Thanks to our interesting lessons and our teachers’ expertise, your child will be sure to make rapid progress. Meanwhile, our interactive tasks provide variety and entertainment.
Are you wondering if learning English online is the best option for your child? Check it out! Sign up for a free trial lesson to see how our teaching works and whether your child likes it. We’re sure they will! Act now and let Novakid show your child how fun learning English can be!

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Cookies help us make Novakid better for you

Cookies are like the sprinkles on an ice cream sundae: they make the whole experience even better. Our goal is to make Novakid the best online platform for learning English. So as you use our website, go ahead and enjoy the cookies - they're good for you!

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